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Theory of Knowledge Language - Brown 1 Evan Brown Robert...

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Evan Brown Robert Girton Theory of Knowledge AA 1 February, 2010 Be Aware I lost one of my best friends when I was eight years old. Our friendship died in one day. It was all on me. It was during recess and Bradley, my best friend at the time, was playing football without me in the field next to school. I was so frustrated that he didn’t wait for me and teams were already made so I would have made the teams uneven. They agreed that I should do something else so they could have a fair game of football. That day, like most, I looked forward to playing during recess, and since I couldn’t I yelled at Bradley saying “I don’t like you anymore!” After recess, Bradley wouldn’t talk to me, in classes he ignored me. I must have set him off, and things could never be the same. This short lived friendship reflects the Haitian Proverb “All food is meant to eat, but not all words are fit to speak.” I said something I shouldn’t have said to Bradley. By saying “I don’t like you anymore” I triggered an emotion in Bradley, an emotion so strong that it killed our friendship. But through my life experiences, it is not just the things that are said directly to the listener that offends him or her, but being lied to or being unfair offends them too. Therefore the speaker must watch his or her word choice because of prior emotions associated with select words and the listener must be truthful to the speaker to maintain grease in the social relationship. All in all, one must pay attention to context and adjust accordingly. Not all words are fit to speak because of previous history of words. For example the N
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Theory of Knowledge Language - Brown 1 Evan Brown Robert...

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