Finance - gives stock options which for some reaches $7.45...

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Evan Brown BUS 102 Tholke 11 April 2011 Finance Salaries The average salary for a businessman ranges from $34,361 for entry level positions to six figure salaries as workers advance (“Business Salaries”). Below represent the salary and compensation for Vikram S. Pandit, the CEO and chairman of Citigroup Inc. according to Hoovers. Year Compensation History 2007 $250,000 salary 2008 $958,333 salary, $10,815,263 total compensation 2009 $125,001 salary, $128,751 total compensation 2010 $1 salary, $1 total compensation In 2010 Pandit pledged to take a $1 salary until Citi returned to profitability. Pandit is taking this pay cut again, until the bank which received $45 Billion in bailout money two years ago (Gogoi). The company had restrictions set that limit top executives’ pay to $500,000, but the company
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Unformatted text preview: gives stock options which for some reaches $7.45 million (Gogoi). The question is if these executives are worth the money. Citi believes so because they are fighting to keep talented bankers from jumping ship to any of its rivals on Wall Street, all of whom have repaid their federal bailout money and are not under the same kind of compensation restrictions. For a company that has needed the most help it seems to be paying the same people that got them in this mess a lot of money to get them out of it. Works Cited Business Salaries. All Star Directors Inc. 2011 Web. 4 April 2011 Gogoi, Pallavi. Citi Boosts Executive Pay. The Huffington Post. 25 Sept 2010. Web. 11 April 2011 Hoovers Inc. . 2011. Web. 4 April 2011...
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Finance - gives stock options which for some reaches $7.45...

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