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Written Report - is much worse the key to stopping this is...

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Evan Brown Joseph Carlin MBI 111 C 27 October 2010 Written Report Source: Laura Trevelyan. “Cholera outbreak in Haiti 'stabilising'”. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-latin-america-11617094. 25 October 2010. Health officials in Haiti say that the outbreak of cholera may be slowing. Up until Monday, 250 have died, and 3,000 infected, but the rate of infection is slowing. Haiti hasn’t had an outbreak of cholera for 100 years. This time there is the threat to infect 1.3 million people who have survived the earthquake. They are slowing the rate of infection through educating Haitians about how to prevent spreading cholera along with treatment centers. In such a poor country, where sanitation
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Unformatted text preview: is much worse, the key to stopping this is prevention, compared to thorough rehydration. Although cholera is fairly easy to prevent, it is harder in a dense third world country. Thankfully Haiti has enough antibiotics to treat 100,000 cases of cholera and a great deal of fluids to rehydrate 30,000 people. I believe this is relevant to the class because it is an infectious disease that we have talked about. This seems like an epidemic to me, although it is technically an outbreak. This disease affects humans and this spread of cholera in Haiti is a prime example of how fast a disease can move about a population....
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