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Evan Brown ZOO 161 7 September 2011 Genetically Modified Food At first genetically modified foods seems like an ethical issue. Should we really mess with the genetic material of the food that was put on this earth millions of years ago? But I think that has been pushed under the table when people heard about the economic benefits of faster growth, increased nutrients, yields and insect and environment resistance. With these plants, we are better prepared to meet the food demands for the increasing population. These plants make it easier to grow in third world countries where water is scarce and provide more nutrients which requires less food for acceptable nutrition. These plants sound a little too good to be true. I am pleased to hear that the crops go through rigorous safety testing. There are still health and environmental issues, like development
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Unformatted text preview: of allergens, antibiotic resistance and future unknown health effects, plus loss of biodiversity and cross pollination reactions. When the plants are released into the environment, there could be effects that could harm the genetic makeup of the plants in the nearby region through pollination. We have been wrong about the health of foods before. For example margarine was thought to be a healthy alternative to the saturated fat in butter. We later discovered that trans fats were not healthy, although butter and margarine have their tradeoffs, we should not jump on the bandwagon too early with genetically modified foods. There may have been lots of research by the World Health Organization, but what is healthier than natural, pure nutrition? We should be a little wary of how healthy these foods actually are....
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