Noise Pollution

Noise Pollution - six foot tall speakers We may also drown...

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Evan Brown ZOO 161 28 September 2011 Noise Pollution Noise pollution is damaging to our health and the environment. We were not meant to be around such loud noises and the animals in the environment are not used to it either. Excessive, disturbing, unwanted noise can stress us out, put strain on our bodies and damage our hearing. The excess noise disturbs communication between animals and can have similar effects to their health. Noise pollution consists mostly of construction and transportation like planes, cars and trains. These uncontrolled noises can have multiple effects on our bodies. The unwanted noise can increase our blood pressure and cause stress while reducing our hearing sensitivity. The increased stress leads to higher blood pressure which can cause heart disease, changes in the immune system and birth defects. Noise pollution also includes loud noises that we willingly put ourselves through, like loud music. Rock concerts are a perfect example of excessively loud music, where one may be next to
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Unformatted text preview: six foot tall speakers. We may also drown out certain loud noises with other loud noises, like listening to music while cutting grass. Both of these examples are damaging to our ears because it is overly excessive and the sound waves damage our ear drums. Noise pollution affects our environment as well. Birds, insects and various mammals use sounds to attract mates and communicate to one another. Their voices cannot compete with heavy machinery and loud music. This means they cannot find a mate and look elsewhere, pushing animals out of urban environments. Noise pollution has an effect on our bodies and our environments. There have been barriers put next to high ways and at terminals at airports and at factories where heavy machinery operate. Noise pollutes our minds, bodies and environments. With that in mind we must remember to find a quiet place to collect our thoughts and stabilize our minds and bodies....
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Noise Pollution - six foot tall speakers We may also drown...

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