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Pituitary Dwarfism - Our height and aesthetic obsessed...

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Evan Brown ZOO 161 Priya Kumar (The Best) 19 October 2011 Pituitary Dwarfism Dwarfism would be a devastating reality to a youth. Dealing with a disease that separates you physically and aesthetically would be one of my biggest fears. Being short is not. My girlfriend is taller than me, it’s funny, but it’s not something I would spend tens of thousands of dollars to change. Human growth hormones are a great treatment for those that with decreased growth hormones. American’s are oddly obsessed with height but that is not all one should be judged for, and that should not be something you let affect you or relationships with others. My Uncle is 5’ 5” and he is one of the most confident guys I know. He is a great public speaker and a very competent educated individual. He did not let people judge him on his physical demeanors.
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Unformatted text preview: Our height and aesthetic obsessed culture can really put a damper on the self-esteem of outsiders. Human growth hormones sound like a new form of plastic surgery. We all want bigger but is bigger really better. What if you had to hide in a box to save your life but you couldn’t fit because a year ago you decided to pay tens of thousands to be taller. You would be dead. Thanks to the 1980s and the great biochemistry we don’t need to worry about a few more diseases. The option seems to be a little abused to be used as shallowly for height. But if that’s what you want to feel better about yourself that’s just fine. It’s expensive but it is an option. It’s like buying clothes but instead you bought some inches. We may be giants someday....
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