Stem Cell Research

Stem Cell Research - It’s as if we are playing God...

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Evan Brown ZOO 161 CD 21 September 2011 Stem Cells Stem Cells repair damaged tissue and can create new cells. They come from embryonic cells or adult cells. Embryonic cells are more flexible than adult cells and provide more connective potential between cells. But is it ethical to use them? From an ethical perspective, the use of embryonic cells for stem cell research is acceptable. The embryonic cells are a life form but away from a mother’s womb it cannot grow any more. Abortions will happen and I don’t believe that the use of the fetuses drives the abortion level. The embryonic cells form more end cells which make them more flexible and more likely to connect tissues and repair cells. There will be unused fetuses because of abortions, but with stem cell research they are put to use. From a medical perspective, stem cell research offers miraculous opportunities. These opportunities seem a little surreal at first, with the growth of organs. It seems too good to be true.
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Unformatted text preview: It’s as if we are playing God, replacing everything and becoming invincible. If it can regenerate any cell in our body then do we overcome all disease or does it bring new diseases? I think it is worth going forward with. We may be overstepping our boundaries in terms of the natural make up of our bodies, but stem cell research can break down barriers in many medical fields. It uses fetuses which would be thrown out otherwise. It offers a solution to a wide range of diseases. With the recent discovery and use of IPS cells, stem cell research has become more ethical. It no longer requires us to use fetuses to get flexible cells. The more ethical approach to stem cell research with IPS cells should promote research beyond previous levels and make it more realistic for the future. If stem cell research proves viable it can provide lots of social benefits for the injured and economic potential for society....
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Stem Cell Research - It’s as if we are playing God...

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