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2 - These four sections are particularly recommended AT...

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ICDL Fall 08 Using Reference Material Well Paraphrasing is an important skill! Limit the use of direct quotations. Use material from sources to support your arguments and ideas. Credit the original authors. … Crediting the Authors - Integrate the material into your paper. You don’t have to use ‘says’ every time! acknowledges concludes emphasizes replies advises concurs expresses reports responds interprets agrees confirms allows criticizes lists reveals answers declares objects says believes disagrees offers suggests charges discusses opposes thinks claims disputes remarks writes Word list from Learning Resource Center, LMU Links to Handouts on Using Quotations and Paraphrasing Each of these pages has numerous links to other sites, both within their university and outside of it. This is just a small selection of the resources available. From University of Houston – Victoria * Appears to be fairly comprehensive about many aspects of writing.
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Unformatted text preview: * These four sections are particularly recommended - AT LEAST SKIM THESE [replace .asp with .pdf to get the comprehensive handout rather than the several page website handout] Paragraphstransitioning.pdf http://www.uhv.edu/ac/research/write/paragraphtransitioning.asp Quote.pdf http://www.uhv.edu/ac/research/write/quote.asp Signalcommentary.pdf http://www.uhv.edu/ac/research/write/signalcommentary.asp Signalsource.pdf http://www.uhv.edu/ac/research/write/signalsource.asp OWL at Purdue http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/619/01/ * A comprehensive site about many aspects of writing. http://library.rit.edu/instruction/dl/cptutorial/phraseexercise.html Univ of Wisconsin – Writing Center http://www.wisc.edu/writing/Handbook/QPA_paraphrase.html http://facpub.stjohns.edu/~roigm/plagiarism/Index.html Krause, S. D. (2007) The process of research writing. http://www.stevendkrause.com/tprw/...
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  • Composition studies, Learning Resource Center, page website handout, research writing. http://www.stevendkrause.com/tprw/

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