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Eating Disorder Warning Signs 1. Dramatic weight loss in a relatively short period of time. 2. Wearing big or baggy clothes or dressing in layers to hide body shape and/or weight loss. 3. Obsession with weight and complaining of weight problems (even if "average" weight or thin). 4. Obsession with calories and fat content of foods. 5. Obsession with continuous exercise. 6. Frequent trips to the bathroom immediately following meals (sometimes accompanied with water running in the bathroom for a long period of time to hide the sound of vomiting). 7. Visible food restriction and self-starvation. 8. Visible bingeing and/or purging. 9. Use or hiding use of diet pills, laxatives, ipecac syrup (can cause immediate death!) or enemas. 10. Isolation. Fear of eating around and with others. 11. Unusual Food rituals such as shifting the food around on the plate to look eaten; cutting food into tiny pieces; making sure the fork avoids contact with the lips (using teeth to scrap food off the fork or spoon); chewing food and spitting it out, but not swallowing;
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Eating%2BDisorder%2BWarning%2BSigns_1_ - Eating Disorder...

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