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Self Assessment Scoring Instructions Background and Scoring: A literature search conducted by Arash Afshar for an article titled “Competencies for All Differences” (ASTD et al.,1996) identified three basic diversity competency areas: knowledge (historical developments, causes of exclusion, cultural differences, and so forth), attitudes (warmth, empathy, willingness to affect the environment, flexibility), and skills (communications, conflict management, and the like). Other authors have referred to these basic areas as head (knowledge), heart (attitudes) and hand (behaviors and skills). The statements you just read and responded to exemplify competencies in each of those three areas. Questions 1 through 9 refer to head, questions 10 through 18 refer to heart, and questions 19 through 27 refer to hand. To determine your score, add up your numbers and write them in the second column of the table below. Your Score
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