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Exam3 Review questions: 1. Describe a way to determine if an animal is demonstrating stimulus discrimination. 2. Describe the role of contextual cues in the control of a common human behavior. 3. Describe the various ways in which control of behavior by contextual cues is relevant to the behavioral effects of extinction. 4. Describe evidence that identifies the development of inhibitory S-R associations in extinction. 5. Compare the safety-signal hypothesis to the two-process theory of avoidance. 6. What is the difference between active and passive avoidance? 7. Your friend has decided to use punishment as a means to train her new puppy. What are 3
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Unformatted text preview: things she must do to ensure that the aversive stimuli she administers will quickly alter the pup’s behavior? 8. What are species specific defense reactions and why is it important to consider them in avoidance and punishment situations? 9. Compare retrospective & prospective memory. When is each used? 10. Describe 2 techniques for measuring an animal’s ability for timing behavior. 11. Compare response chains, paired associate learning and serial representation learning. How can investigators determine which strategy is being used by an animal in a serial pattern learning task?...
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