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Health Psychology Health Family Tree Project Paper Guidance Spring 2011 1) Papers should be typed & double spaced, and conform to the standard rules of grammar and neatness (including leaving one inch margins on all four sides). They should also be in a “regular” font [e.g., Times or Arial, size 12]. Making the letters bigger is not the same as making the words better. 2) Pages should be numbered in the upper right corner. Nothing else should appear in that corner (e.g., no names). 3) A paper needs a title (always ). 4) A complete paper will include: ____ FRONT PAGE: A cover page with the following information (centered): a) the title, b) your name, c) the school’s name, and d) the date.
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Unformatted text preview: (Note: No need for my name—I know my name). [See Family Tree Handout for actual paper content] ____ FINAL PAGE: A copy of your pedigree stapled to the paper 5) If you use a direct quote (i.e., copy what Sanderson said rather than paraphrasing) from the book you must give a citation (author, year of publication, p. #). Again, refer to the Family Tree Handout regarding actual paper content. 6) Staple your paper. [A paper without a staple is your way of letting me know that this is not an excellent paper. Find a stapler before turning in your paper as I will only accept excellent papers]....
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