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Health Psychology Health Family Tree Project When you visit a physician for the first time you are often bombarded with many forms and questions. Amidst the pile you are always asked for a personal health history as well as a family health history. Given the stress of being ill, adjusting to a new medical facility and the sheer number of questions, it is easy to skip through this section making “your best possible guess”—sometimes you are even encouraged “to give your best answer”—even if that answer is incorrect! To help you with this part of your next physician visit and to make you a better informed patient, as a part of this course you will complete a Health Family Tree Project. Using the handouts provided [See PDF “ Family Tree Guidance ”], you will spend the coming weeks talking with family members to learn the health history of your relatives. This history includes: [See Guidance Handout for further information you will want to discuss] The general makeup of the family (role in family and current age) Serious and/or chronic illnesses Health habits, preventative and risk behaviors Where appropriate: cause of death and age at death These conversations take time so be sure to start ASAP. Why do it? 1) It could help your grade: It’s a simple way to study all semester long in a way that will get you to think about the material by applying it to people you care about. 2) It could help your health: These basic facts can help you and a physician to identify important medical
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Health+Family+Tree_Sp2011 - Health Psychology Health Family...

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