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Health Psychology Spring 2011 Reading List: 830:377:01 (In approximate order of appearance on Course Schedule) Note: Any articles in GREEN on this list will be available in PDF format on Sakai. See Sakai announcement (2/17) for details regarding how to find the rest. Section II Readings: Ogden, J. (2007). Illness cognitions. In J. Ogden (Ed.) Health Psychology. (pp. 47-72). New York: Open University Press. Jordan, C.H. & Zanna, M.P. (1999). How to read a journal article in social psychology. In R.F. Baumeister (Ed.), The self in social psychology (pp.461-470). Philadelphia: Psychology Press. ______ Hartocollis, A. (2010, September 2). In medical school shift, Meeting patients on Day 1. The New York Times. Retrieved from Bensing, J.M., Roter, D. L., & Hulsman, R. L. (2003). Communication patterns of primary care physicians in the United States and the Netherlands. Journal of General Internal Medicine, 18 (5), 335-342. Marcus, E.N. (2006). The silent epidemic – The health effects of illiteracy. The New England Journal of Medicine, 355 (4), 339-341. ______ Onfri, D. (2010, August 2). Not on the Doctor’s Checklist, but touch matters. The New York Times. Retrieved from Heritage, J., Robinson, J.D., Elliott, M.N., Beckett, M. & Wilkes, M. (2007). Reducing patients’ unmet concerns in primary care: The difference one word can make. Journal of General Internal Medicine, 22 (10), 1429-33. DiMatteo, M.R. (2004). Variations in patients’ adherence to medical recommendations: A quantitative review of 50 years of research. Medical Care, 42 (3), 200-209. ______ Baar, K. (2008, March/April). Pain, pain, go away: Outsmarting chronic pain so it doesn’t cramp your style. Psychology Today, 56-57.
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Section III Readings/Audio Files Chen, P.W. (2011, February 10). When patients share their stories, health may improve. The New York Times. Retrieved from Now listen to some patient stories of chronic illness by visiting the following sites below. Listen to at least two stories
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Health+Psychology+Reading+List_Rutgers+Sp2011 - Health...

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