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Tom Hohman BUS 101, Dr Barr April 15, 2011 Apple Corporation Apple Computer, Inc. is a major supplier of consumer devices. Historically they were best known for their innovation of the personal computer for personal use. But at the turn of the last century Apple became popular for its iPod, a consumer digital music player. Since then, Apple has led the market in music devices. Later in the last decade they pioneered the next generation of personal media devices with their release of the iPod Touch, iPhone and the iPad. Apple is now best known for its cutting edge innovation, design and price scheme for portable consumer electronics. Apple also prides itself on its control over the components that make up its devices. These specialized components and carefully designed software that are designed from the ground up to be compatible with each other are the reasons why Apple products have been able to be faster and more cutting edge than their competitors. Many of the major components it purchases come
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