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1 The owners are major stakeholders in this situation because the decision was made based off the financial status of the company. Consumers are also major stakeholders because the product that ford is producing is unsafe to use. These two issues conflict with each other but management chose to take on its fiduciary responsibility and ignored the consumer stakeholder. 2 The interests are in conflict. The managers weighed out the value of human life against the company’s profit margins. This represents a failure of management to balance all stakeholder interests. 3 This case is about the safety of consumers and the profits of companies. It is about the ways that these issues should be handled and what can go wrong if they are ignored. 4 Ford should have produced the safest car possible for the price and design that they were aiming for. Companies should be careful to not just meet the minimum safety standard but should srive to produce a quality product that it can be proud of. 5
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