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Tom Hohman BUS 101 BB Dr. Barr The most important stakeholders in this case are the communities and the stockholders. The communities in and around the Hudson river paid for this incident with their quality of life. they were the most negatively affected by the events. The stockholders were also major stake holders (as they always are) because they did not specifically decide to dump the waste in the river area but they most likely paid for it during the cleanup effort when it was also likely that GEs dividends went down. I realize that the name of this week is the Environment as a stakeholder but I feel that the environment is an extension in the definition of the community stakeholder. I think it would be redundant to use both terms as individuals. When something is bad for the environment it also (by definition) bad for the community. No interests were actually in conflict here; it was just poor and lazy decision making by GE managers at the time. I couldn’t know for sure, but I am sure that the cost of properly disposing
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