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BUS 101 Group Apple Corporation

BUS 101 Group Apple Corporation - with an expected shipping...

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Apple Corporation Apple is a producer of personal digital devices. These include computers, laptops, cell phones, and many other multimedia devices. Their mission statement describes them as being the best producer of personal electronics in the world and that the products they are developing now will define the technology of the future. Apple has recently launched the 2.0 version of its very popular tablet, or post-pc device, the iPad. This release was quickly followed days later by a devastating series of earthquakes in Japan. Many of Apple’s suppliers are based in Japan and as the iPad is released it has been speculated that there will be supply issues. This seems to be confirmed as customers purchase their iPads
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Unformatted text preview: with an expected shipping date almost a month away. This has caused unpredictable movement in Apples stock prices as they are driven up by a successful new product launch and taken down by an unstable supply chain. The key stake holders in this case are Apple stock holders who have to deal with quick and unpredictable price fluctuations. Also Apples current suppliers may lose their contract with Apple as alternative suppliers are found. Customers are also a stakeholder as they must wait for a long time before the iPad ships. This is due to the anticipation of limited quantities. http://www.foxbusiness.com/industries/2011/03/17/japan-quake-poses-supply-issues-apple-ipad-2-ihs-isuppli/...
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