BUS 101 Inland National Bank case

BUS 101 Inland National Bank case - North Madison because...

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Tom Hohman BUS 101 Dr. Barr January 14, 2011 Inland National Bank Inland National Bank’s decision dealing with its proposed reorganization has many stakeholders. Shareholders could stand to lose money if the current branches are under performing. The communities of Rockdale and North Madison also stand to lose economically if the branches close. Local politicians as well as the picketer groups are also placing political/legal pressure on the bank and could be in positions of political favor if they can get the banks to stay. Amy is an employee but is still a stakeholder now that is in charge of finding a solution. If she can find the best solution she will be in a position to get promoted to a higher position. Finally the media can influence national opinions about the bank and have the potential to cause widespread mistrust of the company. The primary stakeholders in this case are the people in the communities of Rockdale and
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Unformatted text preview: North Madison because they will be most affected fiscally by this decision. If the bank leaves it could displace workers and burden the community’s ability to make financial transactions. The shareholders of the bank are also significant because failing branches could mean fewer profits. Perhaps the most significant stakeholder is the media. They have the potential to hurt the company on a national level by doing stories on the people left displaced when the bank leaves. The politicians that are involved are secondary stakeholders because they will be indirectly affected by gaining or loosing favor with constituents depending on what the final result is. Amy Miller is also a secondary stakeholder because while her success or failure may affect her standing in the work place it is not a significant part of this case....
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BUS 101 Inland National Bank case - North Madison because...

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