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BUS 101 Tom Friedman Case

BUS 101 Tom Friedman Case - The back bone of the flat world...

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The back bone of the flat world is the internet. This network is not owned or controlled by any person or group and has opened up the people of the world to each other. What this means is that any person and idea now has the ability to spread to and interact with any other person and idea for a cost that is effectively zero. Ideas and events now have the ability to develop in hours instead of years. Now impoverished people in developing nations can work for companies in developed parts of the world. The internet has made obsolete the luck-of-the-draw-advantage of birth to developed nations. So now a child born to a wealthy family in Boca Raton, FL has the same potential as a child born to a rice patty farmer in China. By having this ability to pull talent from all over the world, businesses can decentralize their workforce and take advantage of a hyper-diverse workforce without it being local. The flat world is driven by, as Tom Friedman said, a global web enabled platform which allows
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