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Tom Hohman Smart Phone General purpose: Explain why technology is good. Specific Purpose: Explain how technology has helped me become a better student Chronological organization (past, present, future) Intro Attention getter: I am part machine and part student Thesis: technology is the key to being a successful student Relevance: Technology has much to offer Credibility: I was born at the dawn of the internet Preview: Today I will talk about my history with technology, how it can help us all be better students, and what this all means for the future. Transition- Technology has come a long way in just my lifetime. Body-Chronological 1. Technology of the past A. the best computer in 1994 B. compared to an average device today. Transition- With all of this power at my command the next question is how to use it to my academic advantage. 2. Technology aids organization A. I forget things B. My phone remembers
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Unformatted text preview: C. the internet is a valuable resource Transition- Having all of this power has sure made it easier to be a better student. 3. Advancing technology A. technology has advanced a lot during the last 20 years B. Its a critical part of my life C. It will advance even more during the next 20 years Transition- For me this means that the technology that I rely on now will seem like junk in the future Conclusion Summary: So technology has come a long way during just my lifetime and it has helped my life tremendously with becoming a successful and organized student. We now live in the internet era and technology is advancing fast. Creative Closing: So this is my computer, camera, GPS, encyclopedia, gaming device, calendar, music player and watch. This is my phone and I cant wait for the day to come when I look at it and think, What a piece of junk that is....
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