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Tom Hohman ECO 201 Dr Lyons February 14, 2011 Bottled water Water is the most abundant resource on the planet and in developed nations. Almost every public building has at least one water fountain in it. The supply of water is high and it is generally free when consumed out of a fountain or at a restaurant. So my naturalist question is, why do people buy bottled water? It would seem as though this is an irrational purchase when the substitute for buying water is getting water for free. I believe that the added convenience of the water being in a portable form makes it more appealing because now you will not need to get up from your chair every time you are thirsty. But a perfectly acceptable substitution for this is a water bottle that is refillable. This too seems to create an irrational purchase until you look at the negative side of owning a water bottle. First you must fill it every time you want to use it.
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Unformatted text preview: Second, it will require cleaning from time to time. When buying bottled water it is already full and you do not need to ever wash it. Washing and refilling take time and are inconvenient. It could be more beneficial for you to leave for work and extra 2 minutes early (or sleep in for an extra 2) than it is to spend that time filling and cleaning water bottles. So the reason that people still pay $1 for water is not because they are paying for the water itself, but it is more cost effective for them to have portable water in a container that does not need to be washed. This would be especially true if your wage or salary broke down to over $1 per minute worked (or if your value of getting an extra game of solitary finished is worth more than $1). For people who buy bottled water, the cost in time to prepare water for consumption does not outweigh the price to have someone else prepare it for them....
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