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Date: October 3,2011 To: Dr. Weese From: Tom Hohman Subject: Marketing statistics on traffic flow This memo will discuss what data was taken, the method used to take it and its accuracy. Data Target The target data was types of vehicles passing through the intersection of Spring St. and Route 27. The two classifications were cars and trucks. It was determined in class that a car was any non- commercial vehicle and that trucks were commercial vehicles. This definition was used because it seemed more likely that the driver of a non-commercial vehicle would be effected by the advertisement. Random Sample The two time periods that were chosen were 10:50AM on Tuesday (9-27) and 1:30PM on Wednesday (9-28). These were determined by a series of 4 random selection preformed by Minitab. For the morning session a weekday was chosen at random by the software followed by a random five minute interval between 9AM and 11:30AM. The process was repeated for the afternoon session but with the time interval between 1PM and 4:30PM. Minitab was used because only a computer can truly guarantee that each of the time
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