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ENG 112 Inquary 1 - Hohman 1 Writers Memo I am fascinated...

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Hohman 1 Writers Memo I am fascinated by technology and have always been so. As a kid I grew up watch Star Trek and Stargate so many other sci-fi shows. The imagination of the plots and the technology that was used always drew me in. I was able to watch people living and reacting to situations that I could never really be in. Space ships and phasers put characters into situations that would be impossible to experience today. As I grew up, some of the things that I remember seeing on these shows become a reality. Now that I am a cognate adult I can see the impact that technology is having on our culture. Most people take it for granted when they stand on a street corner and take a stone out of their pocket that can put their voice in the ear of a person half a world away and then use the same object to access the entire compendium of all human knowledge. This paper was written in with that in mind. The final question and statement posed are what I think to be the most important parts of the paper.
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Hohman 2 Tom Hohman English 112 Ms. Jessica Jean Ponto January 26, 2011 It’s Virtually Reality We now live in a day and age where the modern world can become the barbaric past at lightning speed. What I mean to say is that over the last 100 years technology has advanced faster and further than it did during the 1000 years before. People of the early 1900s would cringe when thinking of the difficulty of living in the 900s just as today we would cringe at the thought of living in the early 1990s before the internet. In just a few years from now there is sure to be some advancement that will make 2011 seem like the distant past. As our technology becomes more advanced we become more reliant on it. In the Stone Age everyone relied on their trusty spear for protection, today everyone relies on their trusty Smart Phones for just about everything. The major difference being that a spear is much easier to repair and a user actually knows every aspect of how it works. So as we move towards the future what will become of our
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ENG 112 Inquary 1 - Hohman 1 Writers Memo I am fascinated...

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