ENG 112 Inquary 2

ENG 112 Inquary 2 - Tom Hohman English 112 Professor...

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Tom Hohman English 112 Professor February 21, 2011 Analyzing Analysis In what school is believed that it is bad luck to step on the “Hub”? As any Miami student knows the “Hub” is a reference to the Miami University seal and that if you step on it you will fail your next test. But what if you did not go to Miami? By typing that sentence into Google the Miami student news paper’s web site is about the 15 th hit and you would need to read about a page of text before finding out that “Hub” means the university seal and that it is bad luck to step on it. This task is about five minutes worth of work for anyone not familiar with Miami. But why is this important? Well this just a question and regardless of what the question is, all questions require an answer, and to get that answer we typically must do research. Even with the convenience of internet searches I still had to read through several pages of data about hubcaps , steps , and schools to find my answer. Twenty years ago I would have had to go to a library, probably several, and spend hours looking for books and paging through passages to find this information. It could have taken days or even longer. The digital librarian in Snow Crash is the perfect representation of what a real librarian would have dreamed of in the early 90’s. When Snow Crash and the Librarian were written, information was still very hard to obtain in large quantities even more difficult to analyze by hand, today we have Google which can bring us massive amounts of information but has a hard time dealing with anything more complicated than key words. In the early 90’s a tool such as the Librarian would have been extremely
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ENG 112 Inquary 2 - Tom Hohman English 112 Professor...

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