ENG 112 Inquary 4 Growth Draft

ENG 112 Inquary 4 Growth Draft - does not flow as well as I...

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My best piece of writing was inquiry 2, Overload . I did a lot of research for this paper and I think that my final conclusion was well developed. The prompt was probably the most difficult prompt I have ever been given but I think that I met it well. However, I did not enjoy writing it because the prompt was so focused. The easiest part of writing for me is creatively linking ideas together and forming solid complex sentences. The most difficult part of writing is being inspired enough to accomplish this. In my second inquiry I was very uninspired by the prompt and the material I was using. This made it very difficult to get the paper flowing and took me several more hours than was necessary. When I lack inspiration, my arguments are weaker, it takes me longer to write, and the paper
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Unformatted text preview: does not flow as well as I know it could. I would like to work on my creative story from inquiry 4 more. I unfortunately did not get a chance to finish it in the way that I would have like to. I would definitely consider publishing it. I can easily imagine the concepts and strategies that I use in my writing translating into business research and presentations. You did a good job on analyzing the strength and weakness on you works. I think you answered the questions well and clearly. However, I think it is better to add some more details about what you need to do in the further process. By the way, I think there is a little typo in the last paragraph. The creative production is the inquiry 3. Overall, you did a good job. Reviewed by Xuetong Zhou...
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