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ENG 112 Inquary 4 WL - When I started this I knew it would...

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When I started this I knew it would be long. I just didn’t know how long until I finished it. Because of its length and the fact that I am unable to adequately edit it, I am submitting my creative project under the category of a Manuscript. The story is really more of a collection of short stories. As you will see as you read, the framework that I have set up compartmentalizes all of the story lines into pieces that can easily moved around, added, or subtracted without much change to the story as a whole. Also, almost none of the chapters were written in the order they appear. I unfortunately did not have enough time to adequately end the story with as much detail as I had planned. The ending happened in the way that I wanted but those last few chapters lacked the detail to properly explain why the story was heading in that direction. It is a very male dominated story and I apologize for that. I tried my hardest but women just did not make it into the story line as much as I would have liked. I am also disappointed in the title.
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