ENG 112 Inquary 5

ENG 112 Inquary 5 - Ironically this paper hardly contains a...

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Ironically this paper hardly contains a trace of my actually writing style. This is mainly because I am very unmotivated by the subject of self reflection and I knew going in that there was not going to be any profound discoveries in it. While this may be just a bad excuse it is still the truth. My grade school and high school had almost no effect on my writing style. It comes almost entirely from people that I have met and the works that I have read. This paper was also difficult to write because to be honest the class did not have a real effect on my writing style. The problems that I mentioned in this were things that I already knew about going in. What I did take from the class, however, is learning about rhetoric and being able to put names to the ways that I use language. This will be valuable for me in the future when I analyze other people and what they are saying. The best thing that I got out of the class was writing the papers themselves. Practice makes perfect and if I am to continue to advance myself I need to practice my writing whenever I can.
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My writing style perhaps only unique because it works for well for me. Over the years it has had many influences and it is always evolving. During the last few years it has grown the most and I am sure that this is just the beginning of that growth. In my early writing days I cannot remember a time when it was necessary for me to write well or a time that it was critical that I write it at a higher level. During high school I came into contact with a very intelligent friend. We emailed back and forth and I was blown away by his writing style. It was elegant, thoughtful, and he commanded a brilliant vernacular. Not to be out done I wrote back in the same lofty, semantic heavy, and metaphoric voice he had given me. This was the first time that I
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ENG 112 Inquary 5 - Ironically this paper hardly contains a...

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