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Tom Hohman Professor Ponto English 112 January 19, 2011 English Writing Strengths I have many writing strengths and skills that I can bring to my English 112 class. My writing style is unique and many teachers have told me that it is flat out wrong, but it works for me. When I start a paper I don’t really know what I want to do until I write the paper. I don’t do outlines or any kind of prep work before I write. I just start writing and I let my ideas flow from one to the next. I can easily connect ideas together using logic. Sometimes when I am writing I make the mistake of assuming that a reader knows the background information that I am referencing. This means that sometimes my arguments are not understood by readers.
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Unformatted text preview: I have a good background with sci-fi type literature from high school. I have read works from Asimov, HG Wells, and Huxley and can understand the writing style that they use. I think that my perspective on sci-fi, which seems to be the basic theme for this class, will be valuable. My goals for English 112 are to increase my skills as a writer and to increase my analysis skills. My goals for college in general are to learn about the information that I will need after college and to find the people that I think are going to be important and successful in the future and network with them now. My ultimate goal is to go into politics with a degree in business....
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