ENG 112 Writers Journal 2

ENG 112 Writers Journal 2 - 2.7.11 In this quote Juanita is...

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2.7.11 In this quote Juanita is remembering a time when she had a pregnancy scare and her grandmother was able to tell that she was just by looking at her. She was able to accept and process massive am outs of data that Juanita was barely aware she was giving off. While working on a project years later she realized that the brain can receive and analyze massive amounts of data if it is presented in the right way, or the “right face”. This is an interesting concept and it led her to be able to create the protocols in The Black Sun that allow for such real and vivid facial expressions. It is an interesting concept and the fact that in the book business men find it acceptable to host meetings their means that there must be something to it. I think that this is going to be an interesting new layer throughout the rest of the book. 2.9.11 This group of chapters really delved into the history of the world of Snow Crash. The guy that Hiro is investigating is the most powerful man in the world. He owns almost the entire internet and controls most of the things that use it. He is shown to be a bit eccentric in the video clips of him on his yacht. His perspective is different in that he looks down on the rest of the world and almost pities them. Lagos is an interesting character and is not what Hiro would have expected after talking to Juanita about him. He warns Hiro about Raven before he is killed. I am unsure but I think that raven is also the guy who gave snow crash to Da5id. It is going to be interesting to see in the next few chapters what happens with Hiro, YT, and Raven. 2.14.11 The DNA of a business is in a 3 ringed binder and can be Xeroxed anywhere and grow. During the time that this book was written, the dot com millionaires were just a few years away. But franchises were popping up everywhere. This passage shows what might happen in the future. The thought at the time was heavy on capitalism and this has greatly influenced the book. Snow crash has had wide reaching influence.
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ENG 112 Writers Journal 2 - 2.7.11 In this quote Juanita is...

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