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ENG 112 Writers Journal 3

ENG 112 Writers Journal 3 - 3.16.11 Just as the world was...

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3.16.11 Just as the world was before the fall from Eden, the metaverse is supposed to be a place where everyone is safe from injury and death. Now that it has been made unsafe, this new fall has brought a plague and death to what was once a paradise. 3.23.11 The ending of Snow Crash was weak (as expected). It was kind of like a fireworks display that had several minor crescendos but right before the grand finally the launching rig fell over leaving watchers without a big bang at the end. During the last 150 pages of the book the story line and character motives really got away from Stephenson. He forewent doing previous revision and instead did a sloppy job of ending the story. This sloppiness really shows up in the ways that he brings all the main characters to the raft for the final chapters and tries to rescue his errors by using the twisted humor of gay pirates which ultimately failed. I don’t claim to be a publishable author myself for this reason; anyone can write a book, an author can finish a book.
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