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ENG 112 Writers Journal 4

ENG 112 Writers Journal 4 - Tom Hohman 4.6.11 I think that...

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Tom Hohman 4.6.11 I think that the observation that writer and machine have started to merge is a correct one. Computers have replaced paper faster than anyone could imagine. This has lead to a revolution in the way that information is created and absorbed. It has allowed for the faster spread of ideas and the preserved these ideas in everlasting ways. Ideas can spread and be given input in hours instead of years. Things develop in days instead of decades. All of this is because we are able to exchange information with each other in a much faster and fluid way. All of this is leading to another resonance of knowledge and culture. 4.13.11 I think that the internet has become a place of misconception. It is a place that has promised fame and infamy but this is a lie and was never its intention. 4.18.11 What is art? I think it is something that contributes to the enhancement of a culture. I believe that there is also art that contributes to the counter culture movement of the 70’s and 80’s. That
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