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ENG 112 Writers Journal

ENG 112 Writers Journal - The Veldt was a very interesting...

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1/12/11 “The Veldt” was a very interesting story. Like all sci-fi works it took characters that are relatable but placed them in situations that stress the very meaning of being human. In this case, what place does that family unit have as technology becomes more advanced. Technology is able to supplement human interaction more and more, with internet replacing teachers, video games replacing activity, and in this story, a room that can replace a parent’s role in childhood mind development. Even today, when we do have human interaction, it is often done using technology as a medium. In the story, the parents began to fear they are being replaced by the room and that the children no longer respect them. Not just the room, but the whole house takes absolute care of the whole family and thereby makes the purpose of the family obsolete. This story also addresses technology that can make decisions for us. My Word program can auto-spell for me, my car can break for me if I forget, and even my iPod can pick songs it thinks I will like. Our machines are becoming more able to make decisions that benefit us. Right now
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