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POL 241 Portfolio 2 - To Professor Monica Schneider From...

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To: Professor Monica Schneider From: Tom Hohman Date: October 19, 2010 Subject: Public opinion on US Energy Policy Most Americans want our country to be more environmentally friendly. Most of them are also opposed to measures that negatively affect the economy . This is an interesting trend that is making it difficult for pollsters and the government to pin down just what America really wants. According to a Gallup poll on global warming , about 48% of Americans believe that the problem is being overly exaggerated by the media and that number is on the rise as compared to earlier years. The number of Americans that believe global warming was created by human activity has been dropping over the last three years. To compliment the previous data, about 67% of Americans do not believe that global warming will pose a threat in their life time (Americans’ Global Warming Concerns, 2010). These are important statistics to keep in mind when analyzing polls that ask questions about the economy with regards to US energy policy. During the recent recession Americans decided (53% of them) that economic growth was a
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POL 241 Portfolio 2 - To Professor Monica Schneider From...

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