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Tom Hohman Religion 316 Dr. De Boer January 25, 2011 Brothers and Sisters The piece “Brothers and Sisters” tells the stories of the Holy Men and Women of the Catholic Church during the late-medieval period. The first set of excerpts tells about some of the everyday routines and rituals of the Brothers in a friary around the late 1490s. The second set follows the events surrounding a specific Sister in a nunnery around 1550. Both settings demonstrate the importance of devotion in the lives of those called to Holy Orders in a period of time where wars, misfortune, and diseases were common and almost always attributed to an angry Creator punishing sin. In these times, members of the Holy Orders existed in cloisters that were separated from the general community. This meant that the rituals and each other were all they knew. In a place that is designed to keep evil out and good in, the life purpose of those inside is dictated by the community activities they participate in. In the community of Friars, the Brothers participated in activities which reinforced their relationships with each other and with God. Their group prayer sessions involved singing, petitions, and the worship of Jesus and His mother, Mary. Even when the Friars were not participating in religious activities they were exercising together. Other stories depict Holy Days on which the Friars participated in skits depicting biblical events. These events required elaborately dressing up to take the place of characters from biblical event. The outfits were elaborate and contained “silk and gems and gold” (Brothers 3) as well as other ornate additions that were not normally adorned by members of the
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Holy Orders. Almost all of the rituals involved some sort of symbol of Jesus or another holy person to which devotion and adoration were shown. In one instance a sculpture of baby Jesus was placed on an alter and then the chant “This is the lord whom you sought…” (Brothers 3). Inside the nunnery the stories mostly concern the actions of the mother sister Caterina.
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REL 316 Brothers and Sisters - Tom Hohman Religion 316 Dr...

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