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REL 316 Studyguide Final 2 - WHAT,WHERE,WHEN,WHY!...

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WHAT,WHERE,WHEN,WHY! Reformation Study Guide: Identification: Teresa of Avila- Daughter of a Christian Cloth Merchant, she joined a covenant in 1535. She then began to see intense visions of spiritual things that brought her closer to God. These visions helped her form the , Discalced Carmelites which was a branch based on strict poverty and enclosure. Spanish Inquisition- The Spanish inquisition started in 1478 and lasted until 1834 in Spain under the control of Ferdinand and Isabella. It’s main purpose was to maintain the catholic way of life in the Spanish kingdoms. It was started in response to the papal inquisition. The Spanish inquisition aimed at expelling all non-Catholics from Spain of these people where Jews and Muslims. This inquisition saw an increase in catholic teachings with Loyola as well as stricter convents with nuns. The inquisition was a way to put people who where not Catholics on trial and see if they would repent. It also tried to stop the spread of heretic ideas. Council of Trent: Was a three phase meeting that began in 1545 and ended in 1562. The council was split into three different parts. The Council of Trent was made up of Cardinals, Bishops and Jesuits most of these men came form Italy, Spain and France. The purpose of this council was to make rulings on protestant ideas and original church hearings. They met to see if they where going to reform any of their teachings and ways of life according to the protestants. They made rulings such as controlling the clergy more. They decided to get rid of indulgences and other shady catholic doctrines. They also made the ruling that the churches interpretation of the bible is final and all who try to change it are heretics. Reason of State- A document written by Giovanni Boteroa Jesuit in 1589 in Venice Italy. This book was written during the Confessionalization in Europe. It mainly focused on the idea of social discipline which is a battle for control over the conscious mind. It was written in respones to Machiavelli and made the argument that econmics is a aspect of politcs. Mary I Queen of England- She is most notable for her work in the Catholic Restoration 1553-1558. She was married to Philip the II and was child of Catherine of Aragon. She was given the name Bloody Mary for her attempts to reinstate the catholic way of life in England by killing many non- Catholics. She wanted desperately to be reconciled with the pope and turn England back to Catholicism. She did things such as reinstating papal sovereignty, catholic worship, training of priest. She also burned hertics such as Thomas Cranmer and also instituted Marian Exiles. Iconoclasm
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REL 316 Studyguide Final 2 - WHAT,WHERE,WHEN,WHY!...

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