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REL 316 VOM Script

REL 316 VOM Script - poor Huguenot Don’t you know these...

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Tom- mayor Aaron- Huguenot Tommy- Blackaller Ellen- Woman On the board there will be a drawing of a church. Huguenot will begin slowly erasing it to start off the scene. Huguenot will be on door side of the room, woman will be on window side of the room. Woman: What is it you think you are doing? Huguenot: I have been ordered by the royal commissioner to dismantle this roof Woman: Don’t you know this was our first religious house and it is the most generous to the
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Unformatted text preview: poor? Huguenot: Don’t you know these are false idols; I’ll gladly tear down every saint and maybe even the crucifix before I’m done. Woman: Improv, throw stones and yell. Huguenot: Improv, yell and defend. Eventually fall down/Jump out door. “I think you broke my ribs!” Enter Blackaller Blackaller: Ladies, calm down! This is not necessary. Woman: Throw stones at Blackaller Mayor: You must stop this now, my posse is armed. Woman: Drop stones...
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