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1. select distinct f_id "ID", f_rank "Rank", concat(concat(f_first,' '),f_last) "Name" from faculty order by f_id asc; 2. select s_id "Student ID", c_sec_id "Course Section ID", nvl(enrollment.grade,'N/A') "Grade" from enrollment order by s_id asc, c_sec_id asc; 3. select room "Room", bldg_code "Building" from location where capacity >= 40 AND bldg_code IN ('BUS') order by room asc; 4. select s_id "Student ID", c_sec_id "Course Section ID", grade "Grade" from enrollment where grade in ('A','B') order by s_id asc, grade asc; 5. select loc_id "Location ID", bldg_code "Building", room "Room", capacity "Capacity" from location where capacity >= 40 order by bldg_code asc, capacity desc 6. select course_id "Course ID", course_name "Course Name", call_id "Call ID" from course where call_id LIKE '%1__' order by course_id asc 7. select bldg_code "Building", sum(capacity) "Total Capacity" from location group by bldg_code having SUM(capacity) > 100 order by sum(capacity) desc 8. select COUNT(c_sec_id) "Number of Classes" from enrollment where s_id = 1
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