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GP_prefixes_un - real words and put a cross next to the...

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Prefixes – un Task One Copy down the words and underline the prefix ‘un’. unroll unpaid unlucky unhealthy Task Two Add the prefix ‘un’ to each of the words below to make a new word. dress equal able fit like block fair fold Task Three Add the prefix ‘un’ to each of the words below and then write the meaning of  the new word happy kind lock pack able tie cover do Task Four Copy down each of these words that use the prefix ‘un’. Tick the words that are 
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Unformatted text preview: real words and put a cross next to the words that are made up. unyellow unscrew unknown unapple unfasten unwrong unjump untidy Extension Task Use a dictionary to find as many words that begin with the prefix ‘un’ as you can. Be careful… only write down the words that use ‘un’ as a prefix, not just the ones that begin with ‘un’....
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