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HN_prefixes_al_de - Finally using either the ‘al-’ or...

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Name: ____________________________________ Date: ____________________________ Using the prefixes ‘al-‘ and ‘de-’. Complete the 4 sentences using these words. already, deflate, demist, always . 1. Sometimes in the mornings you need to ___________________________ your car before driving otherwise it is difficult to see out. 2. The longer I had my balloon the more it began to ____________________________. 3. It is very important to ___________________________ wear a seat belt when in a car. 4. When I got to work my meeting had ________________________________ started and I was late. Now complete 2 sentences using the following words. defrost, altogether. 5._______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ 6._______________________________________________________________________________
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Unformatted text preview: _______________________________________________________________________________ Finally using either the ‘al-’ or ‘de-‘ prefix give the definition for 4 words. Choose words that have not been used before . 7._______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ 8._______________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ 9._______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ 10.______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________...
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