plurals_adding_s - 10. one _________________ lots of...

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Nouns Sing 1.  Complete the chart. singular plural 1. one chair lots of __________________ 2. one __________________ lots of books 3. one picture lots of ____________________ 4. one __________________ lots of rabbits 5. one trumpet lots of ____________________ 6. one __________________ lots of suitcases 7. one pen lots of ____________________ 8. one __________________ lots of houses 9. one table lots of ____________________
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Unformatted text preview: 10. one _________________ lots of windows 2. Write out these sentences putting the plural noun in place of the picture. a) The were grazing in the field. b) The pupil placed the into the tub. c) All of the were placed into a large dish. d) Two were given to each of the girls. fjcasey2/10 e) I put my onto the desk. fjcasey2/10...
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plurals_adding_s - 10. one _________________ lots of...

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