prefixes_ir_il - Name ______________________________ Class...

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Unformatted text preview: Name ______________________________ Class _______Date ___________ Using the Prefixes ir and il Make these into words by adding auto or trans _____responsible _____relevant _____luminate _____resistible _____regular _____lusion _____replaceable _____legal _____lustrations _____reparable _____legible _____lness _____removable _____literate Now put some of the words you have made into these sentences There were lots of really colourful ________________________ in the book. Mr. Keast turned on the lights to __________________________ the stage. Some shapes are regular and some are __________________________. Everyone knows that it is _________________________ to steal things. Mrs. Saleh thinks that chocolate is ____________________________. If you lose something and cannot get another to replace it, we say that it is ____________________________. If you did not come to school to learn to read and write you would be ___________________________. The car was so badly crushed in the accident it was _________________________ and we had to have a new one. When the magician did a trick we thought it was real magic, but it was just an _________________________. If something is _______________________ it means that you cannot remove it. Mrs. Jaap couldnt read Williams handwriting because it was so untidy, she said that it was _______________________....
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prefixes_ir_il - Name ______________________________ Class...

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