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PREFIXES Y5&6 sets A,B C differentiated by frequency of usage. Make separate cards in each set. Pupils match prefix to examples & deduce meaning, check in dictionary, find own examples, write definitions, use in sentences, make up own words etc., bi- two,twice *bicycle *binocular *bilingual con- together with *connect *contract *conference tele- far, at a distance *television *telephone *telegram dis- not *dislike *disagree *disappear mis- wrong *mistake *mishear *misjudge semi- half *semicircle *semicolon *semi-final tri- three *triplet *triangle *tricycle sub- under *subway *submarine *submit mono- one,single *monocle *monologue *monochrome un- not, without *unknown *unsafe *unhappy PREFIXES Set A
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anti- against, opposite *antidote *antibiotic *antisocial mal- bad *maltreat *malfunction *malignant super- above,very *supersonic *supervisor *supermarket aero- air *aeroplane *aerosol *aerobics auto- self *automatic
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Unformatted text preview: *autograph *automation de-down *describe *descend *depress inter-between *international *interrupt *interval pre-before *prepare *predict *prepaid ex-out of *exhale *export *extract in-not *incapable *inhuman *inefficient PREFIXES Set B [ BEWARE! in- as meaning in/into e.g. include] circu-round *circulate *circumference *circuit post-after *postscript *postpone *post-war techn-skill *technology *technical *technician pro-forward *proceed *produce *procession fore-before *forecast *forewarn *foresee contra against *contrary *contradict *contrast re-again *retake *return *retrace trans-across *transport *transfer *transatlantic ante-before *anteroom *antenatal *antedate ob-against *objection *obstruction *obstacle PREFIXES Set C...
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prefixes_sets (1) - *autograph*automation...

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