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Correct the Homophones Won fine day when the son was shining weigh up in the sky, a pear of hairs came hopping buy . Watching them from behind a fur tree was an enormous grizzly bare . He had bean keeping an I on them four about a weak from his cave in the hills. Now hear was his chance for a peace of succulent hair pie for tee . He crept from his hiding plaice and charged at the hairs . They took too there heals and ran for the mane
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Unformatted text preview: rode . Luckily a passing van stopped and gave the hairs a lift and saved theyre skins. The hairs looked over there shoulders too sea the bare stamping his feet with rage. As they turned back they noticed sum dead pheasants in a sack. The van driver was a poacher and was thinking, "Eye rather fancy a nice crusty hair and pheasant pie four tee tonight," as he reached four his gun....
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