homophone_riddles - Give word lists to make own for others...

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this sounds like a wild animal or what many trees are in winter is this a colour or what the wind did last week? another word for expensive or a wild animal found in Britain could be what you pay to travel or somewhere to have fun a cooking ingredient or something which grows and looks attractive a story told in parts or something you might eat at breakfast time part of your body or a wild animal with large ears that runs fast a family member or the major source of light and energy what is done with shoelaces or the what someone must do to put
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rise and fall of the sea clothes together or to grow plants from seed HOMOPHONE RIDDLES. Make separate cards for group discussion. Use with or without answer cards to match. Correct spellings can be required.
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Unformatted text preview: Give word lists to make own for others to solve or generate own lists. Follow with work on puns. bare bea r blew blu e dear dee r fair far e flower flour cereal serial hare son hair sun tied tide sew so w HOMOPHONES - extra words allowed/aloud ate/eight beach/beech cellar/seller check/cheque die/dye currant/current foul/fowl grate/great groan/grown hear/here heard/herd higher/hire hole/whole hour/our key/quay knew/new knight/night knot/not knows/nose mail/male main/mane meat/meet missed/mist none/nun pale/pail pair/pear plane/plain practise/practice praise/prays right/write sale/sail sea/see their/there threw/through wait/weight waste/waist week/weak would/wood...
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homophone_riddles - Give word lists to make own for others...

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