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homophones_y5 - some steal steel write If you drop the vase...

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Homophones  are words which sound the same but are  spelt differently, for example : I can  hear the radio.   Here  is my book. Match the homophones below cell flower blue great flour hymn know deer herd sell grate no here blew beach heard dear hear him beech Homophones  are words which sound the same but are spelt differently, for  example : I can  hear the radio.   Here  is my book. Write the sentences and insert the missing homophone . stairs stares break  brake    right      sum
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Unformatted text preview: some steal steel write If you drop the vase it will ________. If you are travelling too fast you need to use the _______. I have to climb the ______ to go to bed. I don’t like it when someone ______ at me. The ____ of five and four is nine. I am going to the shop to buy ______ new clothes. ________ is a type of metal. It is wrong to ________. I am going to _______ a story....
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