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idiomaticstory - A bee in the bonnet story Rewrite the...

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Unformatted text preview: A bee in the bonnet story Rewrite the story below by replacing the idiomatic phrases with their literal meanings I awoke earlier than usual on this particular morning. I think it was because I felt a bit under the weather and I knew it would be a horrible day when I opened my curtains to find it was raining cats and dogs. My mum called me down for breakfast and said, “Come here at once young lady, I’ve got a bone to pick with you!” “What have I done now?” I replied “You lied about your homework this week, you did have some after all! I thought I could smell a rat when you swung the lead last night” That was it, I’d been caught red handed and it was time to face the music. That was when my mum completely lost her head. “How did you find out?” I mumbled. “A girl from your school rang and said she needed your help. Susan somebody.” She Yelled. I couldn’t think who she “A girl from your school rang and said she needed your help....
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