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Match these 10 idioms with their meaning. Write them out neatly in your literacy books Idioms 1. to bury  the  hatchet 2. to draw  the  long  bow 3. to mind  one’s  p’s  and  q’s 4. to let the  cat  out of the  bag 5. to ride  the  high  horse 6. to hit below  the  belt 7. to smell  a  rat 8. to paddle  one’s  own  canoe 9. to blow  one’s  own  trumpet 10. to be  a  wet blanket Meanings A. to be  suspicious B. to be  very  arrogant  or  cocky C. to be  a  spoilsport
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Unformatted text preview: D. to boast about yourself E. to exagg erate F. to make peac e G. to give away a secret H. to act unfairly I. to be careful how you behave J. to do things for yourself Have you finished and checked your work? Moving on Can you think of any sentenc e s where we might use idioms for example in spe e c h ? With a partner can you think of a conversation using idioms?...
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