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Find a more interesting word for ‘said’.   Cross out the word ‘said’ in each sentence and write your more  interesting word.  ‘Go away,’ she said ‘I’m scared,’ he said. ‘Can you hear me?’ Sophie said. ‘That’s so funny,’ I said. ‘Yes,’ Charlie said. ‘Where are you?’ she said. ‘You make me so angry,’ Mum said. ‘You never listen to me,’ my brother said. ‘What a wonderful place!’ Mrs White said. ‘I’m so sad,’ I said. ‘They’ve won!’ James said. ‘My throat is so sore’, I said. Here are some suggestions to get you started:
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Unformatted text preview: called, shouted, cried, whispered, giggled Find a more interesting word for ‘said’. Cut out a more interesting word and stick it over the word ‘said’ in each sentence. ‘Go away,’ she said ‘I’m scared,’ he said. ‘Can you hear me?’ Sophie said. ‘That’s so funny,’ I said. ‘Yes,’ Charlie said. ‘You make me so angry,’ Mum said. ‘What a wonderful place!’ Mrs White said. ‘I’m so sad,’ I said. shouted giggled yelled answered cried called whispered sobbed...
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More_Interesting_Words_for_Said - called shouted cried...

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