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their or there Once upon a time _____ were five children who lived with_____ mother and father and _____ grandma and granddad in a funny little house. _____ was no front garden but _____was a yard at the back._____ was no bathroom so they had to have a bath in the back kitchen–and they could only do that at nightime because that was where the gas stove was, and _____ was always someone having a bath in the back kitchen. When I tell you that _____ was a ‘fridge, a sewing machine, dad’s bike and the baby’s pushchair in _____ as well, you will agree that it was a
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Unformatted text preview: squeeze for anyone to get in for _____ bath. They were all very happy, but _____were times when they all agreed that it would be nice if everyone had _____ own room. Still, they all said, Still weve got each other! They all loved each other very much and they loved _____ cat. He was happy too, because no matter how much of a squeeze _____ was in _____ little house, no one ever trod on him or forgot to give him _____ left-over milk from _____ cornflakes every morning....
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